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"Hikkaduwa Lagoon View ECO Villa - The Best Nature Place in Hikkaduwa for your stay"

Sri Lankan Traditional "Lagoon View ECO Villa" is now open for tourists / Locals (A Private Villa # One time One Family/ Team) In Hikkaduwa Tourism Area...

  • Accommodation type - A real Sri Lankan ECO-Villa

    A large bedroom with 3 double beds with Mosquito nets, (Electric fans available - Fresh air / Calm environment with Natural A/C),

    An attached bathroom with Hot water (Shower / WC),

    A private garden area in front of the Villa with a beautiful view of the lagoon (Real nature),

    Free Breakfast.

    Please contact us for booking your stay in the midst of the Sri Lankan nature and a beautiful view of the Lagoon

  • Wedding Photo Shooting

    Special Locations & Traditional Paddling Boats for Wedding Photo Shooting

    Please contact us for Booking and Further Information

Day / Night Time - Lagoon Tours,
Traditional Fishing Tours,
Kayak / Canoe Rent,
and Lagoon Camp

    "Come and enjoy a delightful tour on paddling Traditional Catamarans in Dodanduwa (Rathgama Lagoon in Hikkaduwa South). Let the nature offer you a peaceful break watching Bats paradise, fishing and watching birds, varanus and iguanas living in their natural habitat.

    Be sure to catch a glimpse of the beautiful history of Buddhism in an ancient and wonderful temple in the lagoon area. End your tour drinking tea contemplating the view one last time"

    About Us,

    Our company started in 1998 by my Family and still we manage it very well as a Real ECO Tourism Company. I am Lahiru, My Father is Yasarathna & My Mother is Deepani. We are warmly welcome you here and so happy to share about our Village life, Culture, Country life, Buddhism, Environment, Animals, Birds with you and give a real Village experience here. We only use Traditional ECO Friendly Catamaran riding by Paddles and Map power (No Motor Boats), It because we need to earn money while saving our Nature for next Generation.

  • Summery of Day Time Lagoon Tour - Full Package

    Day Lagoon Tour / Around 3 hours

    English Guiding / Discription at Buddhist Temple

    A private Boat Ride will be arranged for your Family / Friends / Team

    Sri Lankan Traditional Boats / Riding by Paddles and Man Power (Calm and Nature Friendly)

    Enjoy by paddling the boat

    In the end, Enjoy a Sri Lankan Tea

    1) 3 hours / 6 km Traditional Catomaran Ride (Full Package).

    2) Beautiful Mangroves Sight & Lagoon Views.

    3) Watching Local Fishing / using fishing nets & sticks.

    4) Watching Birds / Varanus (Water Monitors) around Island Hermitage.

    5) 3 km into the Mongroves site, Bats Paradise.

    6) Visit a Beautiful Ancient Buddhist Temple (More than 350 Years old).

    7) 20 - 40 minutes Foot Massage by Fishes middle of Lagoon and Watching Different kind Lagoon fishes (At our Fish Farm).

    (Half Package - 1 and half hours - for Lagoon Tours or Night Lagoon Tours are available)

  • Summery of Day Time - Traditional Fishing Tour

    Day Time Fishing Tour / 2 hours

    A private Boat Ride will be arranged for your Family / Friends / Team

    Sri Lankan Traditional Boats / Riding by Paddles and Man Power (Calm and Nature Friendly)

    Traditional Fishing equipment and method,

    Cooking Facility available,

    In the end, Enjoy a Sri Lankan Tea.

  • Summery of Day Time - Kayak / Canoe Rent

    Day Time - Kayak Rent / 1 and half hours,

    Self riding and enjoying Nature

    In the end, Enjoy a Sri Lankan Tea

Specially for Nature Lovers and Photographers

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